Thursday, May 25, 2006

Safety Measures on e-Medicine - Know your medicine

Easy information can be found on the internet regarding health, diseases, treatment and medicines. Do we know how reliable this information is. Not to deny, the information available on the Net is very resourceful, but it is always safe to consult the family physician before commencing any treatment.

We can find emails, website ads that offer medicine sale, some claiming cure for ailments of certain diseases of which no cure is available. One should be aware that buying medicines from other countries via internet is illegal. Before using such medicine, consult your health care professionals, else it may risk your health.

The medicines that are offered for sale may not be approved for use in our country. The country of origin may have poor regulations and the medicines get into market without rigorous trial to test its safety and efficacy. Thus quality of such medicines cannot be assured. If a consumer experiences any hazard, it may not be possible to claim compensation, as the identity and source of location of such medicines cannot be established.
The product of the same name (especially brand name) may contain different components in different countries. Lack of such awareness will lead to buying a wrong product. The medicines that are offered for sale may be fraudulent. Treatment with such products may not only be just ineffective, but may be harmful to health. Sometimes it could be wasting your resources, valuable time and money.

Appropriate medication or medical treatment for a disease is important for your health. Medicines can cause harm if not properly used and some medicines should be used only under direct supervision of doctors. Reliable health information is useful for the consumers to take decisions but are not the substitute to medical advise given by doctors.

The information that one gets in the internet is to be verified by finding out the source of information. The information site run by government organizations, institutions, voluntary associations, etc can be trusted while the website of individuals need to be scrutinized. Be careful while sending money to buy a medicine or even other products. Always counter check the information with another source to verify the authenticity.
Courtesy Indian Express, Health Supplement

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