Monday, December 10, 2007

Spinach - Rich source of Iron

Spinach is an excellent source of Iron and magnesium.  Spinach is easy to cook and also can be prepared in many ways.  The leaves are crispy and green in colour.  It has a slight salty flavour.  It is  good for lactating women.  Spinach is available all around the year fresh in the markets.  Spinach should be made an integral part of our daily diet.

Health Benefits of Onion

Onions belong to the lily family, the same family as garlic, leeks,
chives, scallions and shallots. In the ancient times the Greeks and
Romans used onions for their medicinal value. They used Onions to
treat headaches, snakebites, hair loss, infertility etc., Onion is
being used for centuries not just to add flavor to foods but also for
its therapeutic properties. Egyptians worshipped onions. The onions
formed an integral part of all their burials as they thought the
strong aroma of the onions would bring breath back to the dead.

The onion is a biennial plant, producing a bulb in the first season
and seeds in the second. Onions are grown from seeds and sets. Onion
sets produce a less durable bulb than onions grown directly from seed.
Anyone of the planting method may be used to produce spring onions or
green onions, which are onions harvested while immature. Seeds are
sown directly into the garden, covered with one-fourth inch of soil
and should sprout within 7- 10 days. The leaves of the plant are long
cylindrical and have a smooth surface.

Onions possess antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Onions are
said to the lower the glucose levels in the blood stream. Onions are
a very good source of chromium. chromium deficiency arises due to the
consumption of refined sugars and white flour products and lack of
exercise. One cup of raw onion contains over 20% of the Daily Value
for this important trace mineral. The regular consumption of onions
has resulted lower high cholesterol levels. Onions are used to heal
blisters and boils. Onion helps lower risk of heart attack or stroke.
Onions are a rich source of flavonoids, substances known to provide
protection against cardiovascular disease. Onions helps destroy worms
and other parasites in the stomach.

Onion has been used as an ingredient in various dishes for thousands
of years by many cultures around the world. The onion production is
steadily increasing, onion is now the second largely grown crop after
tomatoes. Onions can be eaten raw, cooked, fried, dried or roasted.