Thursday, November 02, 2006

What are Cellulite Deposits?

Every Young women aspires to have glowing and marvelous skin. Unfortunately the cellulite deposits appear giving them a nightmare. Fat, fluids and toxins get trapped under the skin thus giving it a rippled appearance, like orange peel.

Certain factors like genes, pregnancy, diet, lifestyle etc., are responsible for cellulite formation. Any medication that does not allow the body to function normally also builds up toxins resulting in cellulite formation.

Tensions cause the tissues to block and thus not allowing the toxins to leave the body. This also results in cellulite formation.

A sedentary lifestyle, which almost the entire population goes through is also a reason for the cellulite formation.

Water intake should be adequate to get rid of toxins in the body. If the water intake is less then the toxins remain in the body. Excessive intake of alcohol, nicotine etc., traps the toxins under the skin not allowing them to leave.

Predominantly in women the cellulite formation occurs in the post-natal pregnancy period.

However, the treatments available for getting rid of the cellulite are all temporary like

Surgery: Where in Liposuction is involved. This technique removes a few inches from the body.
Creams, scrubs: These work on the skin and takes enormous time and has to be done continuously.
Endermologie: It’s a kind of massage therapy, where in the machine would work on the areas of abundant cellulite deposit and breaks its down and lets the body drain it.

However, the most effective remedy and cure is having good exercise routine and balanced diet.

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