Monday, May 18, 2009

Chikunguniya - Tips to overcome the after effects

Chikunguniya! This is a painful disease that keeps its after effects for months to-gether. However, some sincere and dedicated efforts can help recover quickly. This deadly virus mostly affects the limbs and joints below the hip. It makes one difficult to walk, particularly after resting for a while. Need to be very careful while walking as sprains are easy to come.
I was consulting a physiotherapist, who explained me about the damage this virus creates. It primarily damages the liquid at the joints which acts as a lubricant and hence creates this pain.

Now how do we recreate the liquid?
1) Pure exercise. Need to walk daily atleast for 30 minutes in the morning. This will help quickly create those lubricants required for the joints and limbs
2) Drink Water. Take ample water on a daily basis. Preferably have tender coconuts. Live more on fruits, so that you get the required nutrition and protiens
3) Warm Water Fermentation: Take half a bucket of warm water. Add a pinch of crystal salt and then dip your legs for 15-20 minutes daily morning and evening. This will help improve blood circulation, and relieves pain to an extent.
4) Some stretching exercise. Sit down and stretch your legs straight. Use a towel or a rope to pull your feet inwards. Hold it for about 20 seconds and then release. Do this atleast 5 times to both your feet.
Also stand up and fold your leg backwards and hold the feet and stretch as much as possible. Do this for both your feet atleast 5 times. You can do this twice a day.

Okay. I guess this is too much to follow, but believe me, this will help. I know people who have been careless and are suffering from the pains even after a year.

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