Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Workplace Workouts

Workplace is now becoming a place of stress and fatigue. People spend hours on the computer with full concentration. As this becomes a basic necessity and cannot be avoided, there are a few methods which one can follow to relax the entire body and work more efficiently.

Causes of stress

  1. Too much of concentration on the monitor strains your eyes.
  2. This reduces the blood circulation in the body causing tiredness.
  3. There is no movement in the body to relax your muscles.
  4. This also affects the digestion system and makes one uncomfortable

Healthy and easy methods to reduce tiredness while at work

  1. Keep a good posture by holding your back straight. This might not be possible always, but keep trying and you can do it.
  2. Keep moving your body frequently.
  3. During the breaks, stretch your body and relax.

Stretching and Relaxation Methods to keep yourself healthy

  1. Have a deep seating and Straight up your back. Also Straighten your arms and push down your chair and lift yourself. Now, take deep breaths and Straighten your upper half of the body. Breath for about 5 times. Do this every 40 minutes.
  2. Put your right hand on the back of chair and put your left hand on the right thy, and twist your upper half of the body by applying a little pressure. Move your lower part of the body the other way by breathing out. Do this on both the sides. Breath in while in normal position and breath out while your stretch.
  3. Move to the edge of your seat. Straighten your legs and keep your heels down and toes straight. Bend and move your upper half of the body down as like your navel touch your thigh. You can stop moving down your body as and when you feel. Keep natural breathing while you are bending. Move up slowly. Repeat this 3 times slowly.
  4. Keep your hands straight down, lift both your shoulders as much as possible and rotate your shoulders backwards slowly and then come back to normal position. Do this 3 times whenever you find time. This relaxes your neck back and shoulders.
  5. Stand up next to a table which is as high as your waist. Stand 1 and half feet away from the table. Put both your hands on the table and open your legs to the breadth of your shoulder. Now slowly straighten your body and legs.
  6. Now slowly bend without folding your hands or legs by moving your hip backwards and bringing down your head. You might have to hold your grip properly on the table and rest on your heals. While doing this take deep breaths.
  7. Now after bending, put one of your legs a step forward and stretch further. Do the same for the other leg also.
  8. Lift both your hands straight up and look straight up. Now slowly bend backwards as much as possible and stay for a couple of seconds and then return back to normal position and then bend slowly forward and try to touch your feet. Repeat this atleast 3 times. Each time you come back to normal position, take deep breaths.

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