Monday, October 11, 2004

Yoga - Live a life that is lite

Yoga - A spiritual way to lead your life.

Yogis, also known as Rishis lived life which is much much longer than todays existing human life. A human body is a supreme formation of God.

But, are we utilising this completely?
Though this question does not have a concrete answer, the popular answer is NO. We do not use our mind and body to its capacity. Human body has more powers, which can control every activity in the body. One can live with minimum food for a longer period. This is possible by practice.

Good meditation technics can be used to control and improve health. Please keep watching this site for more updates on healthy habits and natural treatments. Articles to come on Reiki, Natural healing, easy meditation technics, how to live a healthy life by simple and easy steps that can be followed every day.

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