Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Lola - Padahastasan - Drives away constipation

The Asana that is variedly called Lola-Padahasta is highly beneficial for many cmplications of abdomen, excess weight, indigestion and constipation. It helps improve the blood circulation, the spine to be supple and tones up the spinal nerves.

For this practice, in the first step stand erect, keep your spine erect, look straight and relax. Now slowly raise both your hands up and join together. Both your palms should touch each other straight above your head. Bend forward to reach the middle of both your toes. One can take slight swing of the trunk down from the hips allowing the arms and head to swing through the legs.

As for breathing, inhale in the standing position and begin to xhale in the bent posture both through the mouth and nose. This facilitates the stagnant air to be expelled from the lower lungs. While bending forward one has to try to contract the abdomen for this effect.

The awareness is mostly physical on the pelvic region and concentration should be on the synchronisation of breath with physical movement of the waist and hands.

People with slipped disc should not practice this, even as those who are suffering from vertigo and high blood pressure. This practice is beneficial further for stretching the hamstrings, back muscles, loosening the hips and massaging the visceral organs. It enhances the lymphatic flow in the major ducts.

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