Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Triyak Kati Chakra and Muscle Coordination - For your Spine

KATI Chakrasan ensures reduction of waistline and belly, removal of gas and toxins from the body besides improving digestion and circultion of blood in the middle part of the body. Among different Kati Chakrasan postures, Tiyak Kati Chakra is much more effective for the body.

Stand erect with the feet apart, inhale and raise the arems over the head and rotate the hands. bend the trunk forward so that the back forms a right angle between the legs. Hold the breath at this position. For relaxation, raise the waist and lower the hands, and breathe normally. This practice should go on for at least 5-6 times.

People who complain of lower back pain and stiffness of spine can benefit from this. By rotating the hands, oxygen is supplied evenly to all parts of the body. Muscles around the abdominal and spinal regional are benefitted by attaining more flexibility through this exercise. Apart from these parts, the legs are also strengthened.

Concentrate on breathing so that you are not distracted. This asan, if started early, will help you keep your tummy trim and fit.

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