Monday, February 27, 2006

Diet For New Moms

Eating well during pregnancy and lactation requires a few adjustments to general food health dietary guidelines. There are no complicated ‘diet rules’ to follow. Nursing mothers should eat a balanced diet. It is important to eat foods from all the food groups. Avoid going on a crash diet. During lactation nutrition is required in abundance for the mother. The only diet for the new born during the first six months after birth is the breast feed. Thus the nutrition requirement is very high during this period for the growth of the infant and the daily requirements of the mother.
Calcium is required for milk production. Nutrition requirement will reduce the quantity of milk. If mother’s calcium levels are low then the calcium deposits from her bones are used up for the milk production. This in turn weakens her bones. At most care should be taken during lactation periods to avoid such hazards to the mother.
The diet during lactation period must include plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk and proteins. Food items like cumin seeds, methi seeds, garlic which aid in milk production should be included in daily diet. Breast feeding needs a supportive atmosphere avoid all emotional problems and anxiety. The breast feed is natures perfect recipe for the infants growth. Breast feeding aids in fertility control and helps in retraction of the uterus. Incidents of Breast cancer are lower in mothers who breast feed their babies.

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