Monday, February 27, 2006

Know your medicine

Medicines are basically divided in two categories: prescribed medicines and non-prescribed medicines. Prescription medicines are those that could be habit forming, toxic and unsafe for use except under medical supervision. All other medicines are non-prescription medicines. It is important for the consumers to know the danger of using the prescription medicines without medical advice.

Recently warnings are introduced in labels to advice the consumers regarding dosage etc., Even the liver toxicity of paracetamol becomes acute, if the patient consumes alcohol during the course of medicine.

Iron preparation are likely or cause gastric irritation and are better tolerated if taken after meals. Usage of Aspirin for children should be strictly avoided.

One should strictly follow the following guideline on using non-prescribed or counter medicines.

-Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
-Stop using the medicine if the problem aggravates.
-Read the label of the medicine to avoid duplicates.
-The manufactory date of the medicine should be noted.
-Usage of the non-prescribed medicine should be only for a few doses or days, prolonged usage of the medicines should be done only with appropriate medical advice.

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