Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nutritional Benefits of Papaya - Rich sources of Antioxidant Nutrients, Minerals and Fibre

Papaya, a rich source of Anti-oxidants, minerals and fibre helps cure many natural ailments. The highly nutritious fruit helps in clearing digestion issues and also is useful in skin treatment. The abundant source of anti-oxidants helps cure problems related to the Heart.
The yellow fruit is available all through the year and is more available during April to October. The fruit, seeds and the skin all have unique benefits and help human health in various ways. The soft pulp of the fruit while applied on the face also helps in reducing wrinkles and gives a better glow on the face. The seeds can be dried and used in making tea. The dried fruit helps cure digestion issues when mixed with tea.

Nutritious Benefits of Papaya and Tips for Good Health

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