Thursday, April 06, 2006

Health Tips - Prevent Constipation

The condition of non-methodical bowel movements is called constipation. Pregnent women are prone to constipation due to harmonal changes. This is a commom problem among all age groups. This has to be attended to for it may cause various other problems like stomach pain, decreased hunger etc., Constipation also occurs as a fallout of several diseases. There is no short cut cure for constipation.

Lack of sleep, rest, exercise, overeating are some common causes for constipation. Constipation is most prevalent among the white collar employees who have a sedentary life style, such people should force in a regular exercise routine to have a healthy life.A regular bowel habit has to be inculcated. The best time is usually the first hour after breakfast. Don't hurry sit for at least 10 minutes, regardless of whether you manage to pass a stool. Don't strain.

There are many simple ways to prevent constipation and stay healthy. Drink Plenty of fluids.Consume natural laxatives like apple, cranberry and apriocot juices.Make fiber rich foods as part of your diet.Exercise Regularly, even if is a daily stroll.If iron supplements that are prescribed are the cause of constipation please consult your physician.

Do not over eat at any point of time. Try to spread your meals, so that you do not over burden your digestive system. One should maintain a proper balance of work, rest and sleep. To cure acute constipation one should fast for a few days under proper medical guidance and then slowly start consuming fruits and fiber rich diet. During the fasting period one should be on complete rest.

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