Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Remedial Properties of Magnetized Water - Cure Skin diseases, diseases caused by bacterial or worm infections

In magneto-theraphy, the magnets work on the body while the magical properties of magnetized water work from inside the body

Nature has five elements and one among them is Water. The human body and blood constitute 78 percent of water. Amrutham in ancient texts is actually a mixture of water and nectar, and is believed to have had a lot of remedial properties.

According to some scientists, when the magnetic field acts on the distilled water, the rate of evaporation of the water increases by 11 percent. The changes happen in the physical properties of water and are determined using the nuclear magnetic resonance. Apart from this, magnetized water diffuses easily into erythrocytes.

Water; acquires some of the magnetic properties when it comes in contact with a magnet continuously. Its proved by Scientists that magnetic field influences crystallization of solutions and increases the number of crystallization centres. It has also been proved that magnetism reduces the amount of nitrogen dissolved in water making it safe for consumption.

It has also been found that concrete, when mixed with magnetized water, is 20 to 50 percent stronger than ordinary concrete. Actually these therapeutic potential of the magnetized water drew the attention of scientists only a few decades back.

It is found that streams that accidentally flowed over the stones with magnetic properties became magnetized. There were healing effects on the people who consumed this water. This made many streams quite famous for their healing properties.

Rudraksha (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) beads soaked in water overnights have powerful electro-magnetic and Para-magnetic properties. Rudraksha means the seeds of the Rudraksha Tree. Rudraksha Tree is a large green broad-leaved tree that grows in places from the Gangetic Plain to the bottom hills of Himalayas. These specific electrical impulses are sent to brain stimulating certain positive brain centres thereby causing transformation in their personality, outlook, charisma and confidence of the user.

Benefits of Magneto Therapy

Water magnetized with the north pole of the magnet can help in cases of bleeding, skin diseases including boils with pus discharge, itching, psoriasis, ulcers in abdomen or mouth, diseases caused by bacterial or worm infections. This Water can be used in cleaning wounds. This can be very effective in cancer treatment also. If a person is suffering from pain, swelling, stiffness or indigestion, gastritis, constipation, loss of appetite, weakness in limbs or heart can be treated with water prepared with South Pole.
Magnetized water is important in the treatment of diseased as far as magneto therapy is concerned. These magnets work on the body while the magical properties of this magnetized water work from inside the body. The intake of magnetized water is as important as the application of magnet externally.
Courtesy: Indian Express, Health Supplementary

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