Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Eating Right

Today's youth do not have a proper meal due to various reasons like lack of time, flair for junk food. But most of them do not realize that junk food has not nutritional benefits. Junk food is high in calories. Though they satisfy the craving need it does not haveany nutritional value. It is also not good to undertake anykind of strenuous activity after a meal as this will direct the body's energy and reduce digestion ability.

These days the market has meal supplements which on consumption provides enough nutrition that is equal to a balanced meal. These powers should be mixed with a glass of milk or water as adviced by the physician and should be had at meal times.

Youngsters should resort to eating fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts instead of junk food. A bowl of fresh fruit salad with nuts provides a complete range of vitamins, minerals and proteins required. The fiber content in the food makes the stomach feel full. The fruits should be consumed fresh and not cut and stocked.

During summer one can supplement the meals with cool milk shakes with a dash of fresh fruits or cream. Breakfast can be made simple with cereals or a bowl of salad with sprouts. The water content in the fruits helps retain mositure in the body and also cools the system. Soups with lots of vegetables can also supplements dinner.

Small packs of fruits and vegetables can be taken along with so that there can be no excuses for junk food or skipping meals.

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