Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Skin Disorders and Diabetes

Diabetic patients commonly suffer from various skin disorders. Some skin conditions are specific to diabetes while some occur in individuals without diabetes also.

For Example, a skin condition called 'Acanthosis Nigiricans', which is a dark pigmentation around the neck. The person affected by this should be screened often for diabetes. Many times the skin disorders that occur could be symptom for diabetes. Certain fungal infections of the mucous membranes, genitalia and nails are more common in patients with poorly controlled diabetes. Women are prone to such infections more than men. The inflammation of private parts caused by fungus is more common in diabetes. These kind of infections need prolonged treatment.

It is proven that poorly controlled diabetes are prone to many bacterial infections. The unique skin condition to diabetes is carbuncle. It is a bacterial infection of the upper back which when left untreated may spread and may require a surgical correction. Foot care is critical for diabetic patients. Any minor infection should not go unattended. A close watch should be kept on the foot for any discoloration, crack formation or inflammation.

Other common skin infections are itching of the body. Skin dryness is also noticed among diabetic patients. Leucoderma is more common among diabetic patients. It is always advisable to consult a physician for trating any kind of skin disorders at the initial stage.

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