Monday, July 23, 2007

Sage - Health Benefits

Sage is known for its healing properties since early history. The Romans and Greeks have used Sage to cure many ailments. Like any other herbs of the mint family, sage is indigenous to the Mediterranean region. The Arabs associated sage with immortality. The sage plant has silvery-green leaves with a pleasantly bitter fragrance.

Sage is also known for its culinary properties. Sage goes well with pork, sausages etc., Sage with other herbs such as Rosemary were used as preservatives in meat preparations. Traditionally it was used to promote and regulate the menstrual cycle in women and also as a remedy for the pain during the menstrual cycle. sage also helps to regulate the blood sugar levels.

Sage is used to control excessive perspiration and cure many ailments like stomach disorders, gastric problems, soar throat, diarrhoea etc., Sage can be grown in the kitchen garden and in pots too.

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