Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tips to prevent leg cramps

Leg cramps are very painful and often the pain stays for longer periods affecting free movements.  Here are some tips that help preven cramps

·         Soothe the pain by dipping your leg in lukewarm water before sleeping.

·         Mildly massaging the affected area with lavender oil could ease pain.

·         Make it a routine to mildly stretch the muscles that are often cramped.
·         Leg cramps at nights can be quiet severe.  Consume a tablespoon of honey before bedtime as honey reduces the chances of muscle contraction.

·         Drink plenty of water.

·         Muscle cramps could also occur due to electrolyte imbalance.  Try to include green leafy vegetables in your diet as often as possible.
·         Potassium intake is very vital, hence consume atleast two bananas daily to keep leg cramps at bay.

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