Monday, March 14, 2005

Summer Care - How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion

  • Get out of the sun, drink plenty of water. Ideally you should have plenty of water atleast half an hour before you go out into the sun.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. This is because they have fairly high water content and good salt balance. Drink diluted electrolytes.
  • People who sweat heavily tend to loose a lot of potassium and sodium. There are many over the counter electrolyte packs.
  • Avoid salt tablets, alcohol, caffeine, smoking and do not bare your chest.
  • Do not suddenly go out into the sun from an air-conditioned room or do the opposite. Learn to acclimatise slowly.
  • Dousing your head and neck with cold water will help if it is hot and dry.
  • Use a newspaper, handkerchief or a traditional hand held fan to keep yourself in cool breeze.
  • Wear light and light coloured clothes. the preferred coloured is white because it reflects the heat. Use cotton or polyester blends because such cloth material can breathe.
  • Use an umbrella or a hat, preferably one that also shades the neck and is well ventilated.

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