Monday, March 14, 2005

Summer Care - Sunstroke and First Aid

Heatstroke (commonly known as sunstroke) is a serious life threatening medical emergency that requires immediate medical treatment. During heatstroke, the person suddenly becomes cold blooded. The person will not be sweating and the skin will be hot and dry. There will be a sudden rise in body temperature, the pulse may become rapid and strong and the victim may slip into unconsciousness. Heatstroke can also affect a person's behaviour. He starts acting strangely or inappropriately or belligerent. Heatstroke victims should receive immediate medical attention.


  • Move the victim to a coller place.
  • Apply cold, wet compresses to the extremities and behind the neck.
  • Fan the victim lightly; give small amounts of water.
  • Watch for nausea and/or vomiting. If this occurs discontinue immediately. If tolerated increase the water intake.
  • Avoid salt water solutions
  • Make the victim lie down and rest raising his feet 8 to 12 inches above the ground.
  • Get in touch with emergency medical service or a nearby hospital.

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