Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dental Care - Smile Consciousness - A definite need

A smile is basically an effect created due to the interplay between the muscles of the face, teeth, supporting gums and emotions from the brain. It is a unique human quality that has the power to express a myriad of emotions. Each smile is said to be a characteristic to an individual, defining his or her personality.

Often we come across individuals who say they are not bothered about how their teeth look and are only concerened about the function and longevity. Well, it is impressive to see someone who is totally comfortable with himself and holds the thought that beauty is only superficial and based on vanity. But unfortunately this thought does not hold good. Aesthetics and function are well integrated into each other and are inseparable. A beautiful smile is an indication of proper and healthy function, which ultimately leads to longevity of the dentition.

In today’s world where the emphasis on beauty is growing rather than diminishing, more and more people from all walks of life are increasingly becoming aware of their smile. Whether this awareness is for personal improvement or stems from the belief that appearnances influence professional success, the number of people who are becoming smile conscious is growing. Recent research has indicated that presentable people are by far more confident and successful. Looking good makes these people feel good.

Children and teenagers are especially sensitive about unattractive teeth. When the teeth are discolored, decayed, missing, crooked etc., there is often a conscious effort to avoid smiling and a tendency to try to “cover up” their teeth. Correction of these types of dental problems can produce quite a dramatic change in one’s personality.

The impact of a smile lift can be readily seen in the new found happiness and increase in self esteem. There is often a metamorphosis in the overall appearance and improved social interactions of the person. Well shaped teeth with a pleasant smile are said to be a conficence booster and a lifestyle stimulator.

So what constitutes an unacceptable smile (unhealthy) or an acceptable smile? Broken, decayed, mal-aligned, missing teeth with spongy bleeding gums, compounded with bad breath all contribute to an unhealthy smile. The converse is true for an acceptable smile.

It is very important to understand that each of these problems are interrelated. For example, if you have malaligned teeth or spacing between teeth, the most common problem would be increased food retention, which cannot be easily removed because of inaccessibility. These areas then become potential pockets for bacterial growth, ultimately leading to tooth decay, irritation of the supporting gums and bad breath. The proper approach for treating this would be to correct the underlying cause – malaligned teeth.

Treatment options for a smile lift can vary from low cost simple procedures such as tooth cleaning, whitening, space colosures, tooth clored fillings to extensive procedures involving multi – disciplinary approach combining restorative dentistry, orthodontics and dental implants etc. smile analysis with color correction and alteration of teeth is the state – of –art for dentistry in the new millennium.

The benefit of positive psychological effects seen in a patient, after improving his or her smile make conservative aesthetic dentistry extremely gratifying for a dentist. It represents a whole new dimenision of dental treatment options for the patients.

In today’s world with knowledge and technology unfolding at every moment, mankind has been made available a plethora of options. So it stands to reason that man recognize these advancements and opportunities and make the best use of them.

Finally to stress the importance of a healthy smile always keep in mind that: A smile is the lightining system of the face Cooling system of the head Heating system of the heart and booting system of the mind”.

Courtesy: Indian Express

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