Friday, June 23, 2006

Diet Control during Medication - Healthy Tips for Diabetics

Medication may not work properly if your diet exceeds what is recommended or either by consuming too many calories or too much carbohydrate, sugar and starch.

When a patient knows that he has diabetes and when the doctyor prescribes a diet plan, he will usually have lot a of doubts. Though a detailed instruction is given, he may sometimes overlook some points or forget some of the things told.

While I am having medicine for diabetes, why should I follow a special diet?

Your medication will not work properly if you exceed your recommended diet either by consuming too many calories or too much carbohydrate, sugar and starch. You will have to do without some of your favourite foods high in sugar and starch permanently.

Does this mean I should totally avoid sugar?

You should totally avoid table sugar or foods with sugar on their surface. But you will be able to eat a certain amount of sugar containing foods as part of your regular diet. Diet is planned so that the total amount of sugar in the acceptable foods, such as potatoes, bread, fruit, cereals and milk is distributed fairly and evenly throughout the day; and does not exceed a certain required amount. This depends upon your weight and your overall body need.

To control my diet accurately must I weigh everything I eat?

No you can usually estimate how much of each type of food you are eating. But it’s a good idea to weigh your full day diet from time to time just to check the accuracy of your estimates; as far as you can stick to it. Some degree of variation can’t be avoided especially during festival seasons, holidays and wedding time. However, keep in mind that you can’t over eat at any time.

Should I eat a set amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat at every meal? Can I have snacks? What if I skip a meal?

Yes. Include the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrate, doctor has recommended in every meal if possible. You will stay healthier if each meal is balanced. Avoid skipping meals. You can have snacks in moderation such as salt biscuits and orange pieces.

How long must I stay on my diet? Will the diet always remain the same?

You will have to make the diet a permanent part of your living, but adjust it as factors such as your weight and physical activity will influence this.
Courtesy: Indian Express

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