Friday, June 23, 2006

Yoga for Improved Nervous System - Eka Pada Bakaasan

Though there are different asanas that would fetch you different results, a balancing posture called Bakaasan, a variation of Eka Pada Asan, is very effective for the improved functioning of the nervous system. It also helps in strengthening arms, wrists and improves the balance of the body. It makes the joints and the lower back more flexible.
This one-legged Bakaasan has to begin with a standing posture. Then slowly bend the trunk and reach out for the feet with both the hands. One can fix the gaze either on the tip of the nose or the foot. A perfect balance has to be achieved by stretching the right leg back until it is straight. This position can be easily maintained for three to five minutes by controlling the breath. The practice can be alternated between the two legs. The breath has to be normal in the final position. This would ensure a proper balance also.
People with high blood pressure, heart diseases or cerebral thrombosis should not do this. Repetition of this asan twice or thrice will ensure better results.

Courtesy: Indian Express, Health Supplement

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